High precision and versatility in pocket size.

What is Pocket Laser?

Pocket Laser is a state-of-the-art diode laser. By virtue of its technical and structural features not only is this laser perfect to be used by beginners but also by the expert dentist.

POCKET LASER: with just one instrument you can:

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    Limited dimensions and extreme power
    Owing to its 6 watt power, Pocket Laser is one of the most powerful devices among small sized lasers. Due to its light weight and small dimension, this laser is particularly easy to carry. The wireless pedal, which is outfitted with a long-life battery, enables hands free usage reducing inconvenient floor cables. Pocket Laser is suitable in every clinical application as it is furnished with optical fibers available in 0,4 mm, 0,3 mm and 0,2 mm diameter.
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    Touch Screen and maximum hygiene control
    By virtue of his versatility, Pocket Laser allows the use of a variety of single-use tips of different in shape and dimensions.
    Pocket laser is equipped with a high precision touch screen, which can be covered with a protective sterile single-use adhesive film which guarantees maximum hygiene control.
    The contact handpiece is outfitted with a Luer Lock universal attachment which can be autoclaved in order to guarantee maximum versatility and safety
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    Wider use thanks to variety of programs and accessories
    Pocket Laser is the ideal device for those who are new to the field of the diode laser: a large number of accessories, implementations and pre-set clinical programs are available. The usage of this laser is equally advisable for the expert dentist who can easily personalize the pre-existing programs. Furthermore, Pocket laser can also be used for bio stimulation and Low Level Laser Terapy.
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Pocket Laser advantages and benefits

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    Safety and visual field improvement
    Owing to the high haemostasis control achievable, Pocket Laser enables a remarkable increase in the visibility of the operative field ensuring more safety. Pocket Laser can be used on those who have a pace-maker or an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD)** and the clinical performance of the diode laser is well proven by a great number of clinical trials
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    Proved clinical effectiveness
    Near Infrared lasers (NIR) have been successfully and safely used in different branches of medicine for almost twenty years. The minimal invasiveness of the laser, which causes minimum pain and swelling, makes the laser favourable in comparison with the traditional procedures since it guarantee more patient compliance.
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    Less blade usage and fast scar-less healing
    Almost every operation in oral surgery can be performed with diode laser assuring more comfort and safety. By reducing the blade usage it is possible to avoid giving suture to control the haemostasis. Promoted healing process and biostimulation makes it possible to obtain better wound healing of the soft tissues with minimum or absent scar even in case of secondary intention healing.
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    Less usage of local anaesthetic
    The delicate and accurate action of Pocket Laser allow the decrease and, at times, the absence of local anaesthetic. The haemostatic properties, which characterize diode laser, permit less use of vasoconstrictors and in some cases its use is not even necessary. Furthermore, several trials prove the antibacterial properties associated with diode laser, which not only are particularly useful in oral surgery but also during the periodontal, peri-implant and endodontic therapy.
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Dentistry and Pocket Lasers

Pocket Laser is extremely useful to desensitize the vital prepared teeth and prepare the gingival sulcus before getting the dental impression. Diode lasers can also be helpful to facilitate the prosthetic restoration of some damaged teeth as it can be used to perform gengivectomy or clinical crown lengthening with minimal invasiveness.

Pocket Laser is serviceable in Endodontic to improve the antibacterial action of the irrigant solutions. In restorative dentistry its action makes it possible for dentin and enamel surface to be decontaminated. Dentinal hypersensitivity can be easily and successfully treated. Pocket laser is more efficient than other methods when teeth whitening is performed


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